Italian gold designer and manufacturer


Our philosophy goes against the trend, we are out of the world of globalization,
we don’t make jewels, we create them, step by step, all handmade, one by one thanks to our knowledge and expertise.
We are a young company inside the history of our family, our country, our city, famous for gold manufacturing.
We were born in Arezzo the city of gold


All jewels can be made in 18k or 14k.

Our collections are made with love and sapience, every engraving comes from the hands of expert artisans and this is the extra value of our jewels.

Bracelets Necklaces Earrings

BZ SCA 100 | AU 18Kt | 8,00 gr

TR 090 BR | AU 18Kt | 10,00 gr

TR 180 | AU 18Kt | 18,00 gr

BZS 090 | AU 18Kt | 15,50 gr

TRS 330 | AU 18Kt | 35,00 gr


Cresor s.r.l., Via XXV Aprile, 13 Ponticino
52019 Laterina Pergine Valdarno (AR)

Tel. +39 0575.898401

Fax +39 0575.805767